Market Trends

Tomorrow’s Bakery Needs..

Deeply rooted in history, bakery products remain an important part of daily nutrition and are considered a household staple in many countries throughout the world. But past success doesn’t translate to meeting future expectations and delivering growth. Stay ahead by incorporating the trends of tomorrow in your business today.

Quality and Freshness

Regardless of application or when and where it’s consumed, consumers and manufacturers seek high-quality, fresh baked goods with the appearance, taste, and freshness that can be enjoyed all throughout the product’s life—a trend that will likely never change.

Clean and Simple

Clean is a term that means different things to different people, companies, and brands. Whether that’s increasing the level of transparency throughout the value chain or working with or without specific ingredients or allergens, the key to clean is ensuring you truly understand your target market and what’s going to make the most impact with that group.

Healthfulness vs. Indulgence

There are many sub-segments in bakery, and the health profile and the indulgence factor play important roles throughout the wide variety of applications. For instance, bread, flatbreads, and muffins are ideal options for whole grains, high fiber, or added protein that enhance the nutrition profile and encourage healthy eating. There are also an increasing number of people worldwide who are diagnosed with intolerance to gluten, known as Celiac disease, as well as people trying to eliminate gluten from their diet for personal reasons.

Bakery also provides an abundance of indulgent treats, with items like cakes and pastries servings as the perfect way to satisfy consumers’ need for a delicious, sweet treat.

Satisfying these needs takes different solutions and a wide breadth of expertise to make them work well.

Convenient Eating

Bakery is no stranger to the snacking trend. With traditional meals giving way to increased convenience and on-the-go eating, manufacturers look to stay relevant with this consumer behavior, creating and adapting their brands accordingly.

Evolving Formulations

It’s complicated! Each trend comes with its own set of consumer preferences, manufacturing challenges, and ways to succeed in the market. In addition, bakers must adjust quickly to comply with changing local regulations, such as salt or sugar reduction, and incorporate specific product claims and certifications.

No matter which avenue you choose, Nutrition & Biosciences can help you stay ahead.

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