Bake Off

From freezer to oven in one small step

Non-proofed frozen pastries are smaller in size and cheaper to transport and store. But do they live up to expectation after baking? We ran our own test.

Sensory analysis needs the human touch

You can’t beat the human senses for measuring the crispness of a baguette and other sensory attributes of foods. That makes the DuPont sensory panel an indispensable tool.

Video: Profile of a crisp baguette

Jan Charles Hansen and Stine Møller explain the essential role of the DuPont sensory panel when evaluating crispness in three baguette samples.

Crispness at full volume

Evaluating the quality of bake-off baguettes is not just about crispness. Volume is another key consideration.

Insights from emerging markets

Our international team shares their knowledge of the latest bake-off trends.

A pastry crust above the rest

Tests with fat reduction have found a way to keep filled pastries dry and crisp.

Free-from is no fleeting fashion

There’s plenty of potential for bake-off on the growing free-from market. And solutions are on the way.

Delicious bread puts a lid on hunger

Bread high in fibre and protein has a future in weight management.

Par-baked to meet fresh-keeping goals

Getting a grip on starch is the first step towards a 20-day ambient shelf life.

Shrinkage under new management

Keen to maintain bread volume after the final bake? You need to take the whole par-baked process in hand.

Fibre crusts give leather the boot

Add a few percent fibre to the recipe, and your healthy par-baked bread will end up as tough as old boots. Enzymes offer a solution.

Good-looking bakes are all about the crumb

If you think guar gum has become an expensive way to appealing par-baked bread, we’ve checked out the alternatives.

Crunch time for inferior crusts

How do you eliminate common quality defects in par-baked bread crusts? We ran some tests.

Video: Introduction to the challenges in par-bake

Casper Hoy Simonsen guides you through the various challenges in par-bake.

Success starts with the process

Keep the processing hotspots in check, and you’re on the right track for winning par-baked bread.