Crispness at full volume

By Jan Charles Hansen, senior bakery application specialist

Evaluating the quality of bake-off baguettes is not just about crispness. Volume is another key consideration.

Crispness is important, but it is not the only parameter we measure when evaluating the quality of bake-off baguettes. We are also interested in the volume of the baguette, both after the initial par-baking process and after the second and final baking.

In the video, we investigated the crispness of three baguette samples: one made with enzymes alone, another with enzymes plus DATEM and, finally, a baguette made with enzymes plus lecithin. Our sensory panel defined the crispness of all three.

For our volume measurements, we ran tests in our bakery lab.

Volume-improving combinations
If you look at the graph below, you’ll see that the enzymes only solution produced the baguette with the lowest volume – around 14% less than the solutions with DATEM and lecithin. This solution also gave the biggest shrinkage – or volume loss – after the second baking.

The combination of the enzyme plus 1% lecithin or 0.3% DATEM result in roughly the same volume loss.  This generally supports what we already know – that an enzyme-emulsifier combination gives a better result than enzymes alone. All the same, some degree of shrinkage is still inevitable.

Least shrinkage with cellulose gum
In a fourth baguette sample, we combined the enzyme with both lecithin and DATEM and added a small dose of cellulose gum on top. Here, the ability of cellulose gum to retain more water in the dough system contributes to the best result of all. Shrinkage after the second baking is minimal.

To find out more about how cellulose gum helps optimise the volume of bake-off bread, take a look at our previous article on the subject in the Bakery Performance archive.

We tested POWERBake® 4000 Bakery Enzyme, SOLEC™ SF-D Lecithin, PANODAN® DATEM A2020 and GRINDSTED® CMC from the DuPont Danisco® range.

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