What do consumers say about cakes?

DuPont Nutrition & Health asked Lindberg International to survey consumer cake preferences in five European countries.

Industrial cakes are the fastest-growing segment of the cake and biscuit market in Europe, both East and West. So, for bakers that want a slice of the action, understanding consumer preferences and consumption patterns is obviously very useful.

Working with DuPont Nutrition & Health, this is what we at Lindberg International aimed to learn more about when we conducted a consumer survey covering five European countries: Italy, France, Germany, Turkey and Ukraine. The 2,500 participants were men and women aged 16 to 24 and all with one thing in common – they all ate fresh or packaged cake on a regular basis.

Turkey – top for cake popularity
The survey produced some very interesting results – with Turkey emerging as the country where cakes enjoy the highest degree of popularity, both small, single-portion cakes and large cakes for sharing. 
Although our survey revealed that the most frequently eaten cakes in Turkey are still homemade (95%), packaged industrial cakes – at 78% - are not that far behind. Cakes made from cake mixes are eaten least (55%).

Favourite outlets
Two out of three buy large cakes at supermarket in-store bakeries or from the local baker on the corner. Small cakes, on the other hand, are most likely to be bought either from the supermarket or market. In both cases, these purchasing patterns differ quite significantly from those of the other countries surveyed.

Eating occasions
But where and when are the cakes consumed? In Turkey, consumers are least likely to eat cakes in the company of close family – 34% of small cakes and 44% of large cakes. While small cakes are popular snacks consumed at home (68%), work (54%), on the go (48%) or as a dessert (58%), large cakes are more often reserved for special occasions (62%). Compared to the other countries, large cakes are also more popular as desserts (50%) or treats for home consumption (48%).

Many of the Turkish respondents state that they frequently buy cakes themselves – 60% of big cakes and 71% of small cakes, with 38% of small cakes being consumed when the respondent is alone.

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