Sweet tortillas for new occasions

Catch some inspiration for adding value to the traditional Mexican wrap.

Hordes of private label and brand products are squeezing profits on the growing tortilla market. In some areas, retail prices are, today, so low that flatbreads are fast becoming a commodity product.

To add more value to your wraps, you need to differentiate. Targeting new eating occasions could be the way.

Challenging the general perception of the wheat tortilla as a savoury product, our application specialists have focused on developing an inspirational sweet tortilla concept that also makes a convenient on-the-go snack.

Exotic tropical wrap
What they have come up with is a sweet coconut tortilla that is soft and enjoyable straight from the freezer. Rolled inside it is a refreshing coconut-flavoured ice cream and tangy pineapple ripple. 
One of our emulsifier-enzyme systems secures the necessary dough-handling properties and tortilla shelf life. Despite the content of dessicated coconut, our trials have shown that efficient processing can still be achieved.

Consumers can enjoy our exotic tortilla concept at their leisure. During consumption, the tortilla is better able to contain the melting ice cream than a standard ice cream cone. The tortilla works equally well with other sweet fillings, such as fruit or chocolate spread, making it an ideal snack alternative to cakes and muesli bars.

Health and texture
Other opportunities exist to give the concept a healthy twist by using a wholemeal or rye tortilla. 
In most cases, this will require the addition of extra gluten to the recipe and a higher emulsifier-enzyme dose to make up the gluten shortfall when wheat flour is either reduced or taken out. Even in recipes based on 100% rye flour, it is possible to overcome the tendency towards dryness to secure long-lasting softness and a consumer-friendly taste.

The original Mexican tortilla has attained international popularity. Extending the traditional eating occasions is the next step along the path of continuing success.

We have used POWERFlex® 1091  for the coconut tortilla and POWERFlex® 2208 for the whole grain and rye concepts.

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