• What Consumers Want

Consumers expect gluten-free bakery to be as good as regular products. But what key quality issues do bakers face?

  • Why gluten-free is all about fine-tuning

There’s much more to gluten-free bread than simply replacing gluten. Bakers need recipes that give the best technical and nutritional performance – all tuned to the latest trends.

  • All wrapped up in gluten-free quality

On-the-go gluten-free snacks are popular with consumers. Taking our toolbox under our arm, we tested how to make gluten-free wraps softer, more foldable and easier to process.

  • A healthy halo with gluten-free fiber

Every fiber counts when meeting consumer expectations for gluten-free bread with a healthy profile, soft crumb and high volume.

  • Insights into the real gluten free needs and expectations of UK consumers

Gluten free is no longer a trend, but has moved to the mainstream. Nutrition & Biosciences conducted proprietary consumer research into the growing gluten free bakery markets.

  • Off the shelf and under the spotlight

Our bakery team evaluates a series of good-quality, gluten-free breads from European markets - and finds noticeable differences.
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