Bakery Performance

Wondering which process to use for gluten-free bread? Our bakery specialists Helle and Thomas compare kneadable and batter dough systems and highlight what to look out for.

Our bakery team evaluates a series of good-quality, gluten-free breads from European markets – and finds noticeable differences.

In gluten-free batter dough, water is key to volume, softness and structure. Bakery specialists Helle and Thomas demonstrate why fine-tuning the water content is so important.

No one enjoys a stale gluten-free loaf. Our senior application specialist Andy Flounders explains how to measure and improve fresh-keeping shelf life.

…is a matter of timing. Our bakery experts explain why mixing time is crucial to volume

If you’re still searching for quality improvements, our bakery team may have a few useful tips. Many ingredient solutions have been put to the test.

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