Almost anything goes in a healthy tortilla

We put some nutritious ingredients to the test in a basic tortilla recipe.

By Lone Bæk, bakery application specialist

All the buzz about good carbs and bad carbs has an important role to play in the growing market for bread alternatives, where consumers are on the lookout for convenient, healthy snacks.

Market data from Mintel shows that new tortilla and wrap products accounted for more than 25% of all new product launches in the bread segment in 2015 – a figure that reflects several years of continuous growth. Wraps are particularly popular among younger consumers and consumers on high incomes.

Since tortillas become mainstream in the European bakery segment, sales have only gone up, accompanied by a steady flow of new product launches.  

So, how many more innovations are actually possible with a product that basically comprises flour, oil and water? In view of current health trends, we think there could be quite a few.

Technology for whole grain and rye
At DuPont, we have done a lot of work with tortilla ingredient technology, drawing on our knowledge of enzymes, emulsifiers and hydrocolloids. A few years ago, this enabled us to add a new ingredient system for whole grain and rye tortillas to our toolbox.

The purpose is to create high-fiber tortillas that taste good and stay soft and flexible during shelf life. During processing, the ingredient system ensures a non-sticky dough with the right amount of elasticity for pressing.

A platform for alternative recipes
In response to the growing demand for healthy bread alternatives, we have taken out our solution for whole grain tortillas again and put it to use in a series of new tests. The goal is to evaluate how it works in tortilla recipes made with spelt, chia, pea protein and the new hybrid grain tritordeum.

Results from our previous trials have shown that this combination of enzymesemulsifiers and hydrocolloids is a robust platform for nutritious tortilla recipes. Our goal is to ensure our alternative tortilla recipes have a three-month shelf life.

These trials are currently ongoing.

We are using POWERFlex® 2208 from the DuPont Danisco® range for our trials.

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