Hiding the fibre in white bread

If consumers are reluctant to change their habits, you have to work with the habits they’ve got.

We can do much to improve wholemeal bread, but two things that are hard to change are the taste and colour. Some consumers just don’t like the wholemeal flavour and stick to white wheat bread no matter what.

Although market research indicates that most understand the importance of dietary fibre, particularly senior consumers are reluctant to change.

For this segment, we’ve worked with white bread containing invisible added fibre in the form of polydextrose – a recognised prebiotic dietary fibre that is well-tolerated and neutral in taste.

No sensory impact
The best results we have obtained combine the use of polydextrose with cellulose gum. This makes it possible to enrich white bread formulations with fibre while maintaining the taste, texture, volume and overall appearance.

In our evaluations of firmness, we have found that this combination also improves softness during shelf life.

Fresh from the freezer
Another important requirement of older consumers is the freezing stability of the bread they buy. To avoid waste, they want to put bread in the freezer so they can take out the few slices they need for each meal.

Polydextrose and cellulose gum can meet this need, too.

As you can see from the picture, bread with invisible polydextrose fibre is hard to tell apart from a standard white wheat bread. Can you tell which bread has the high-fibre claim?

We used Litesse® Two polydextrose and GRINDSTED® Cellulose Gum BAK 130 for our trials.

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