Improve freshness for baked goods


Today’s consumers want products made with natural ingredients that combine a clean label and good flavor.  With our freshness solutions for baked goods, not only do you satisfy what the consumer wants, but you also do it more cost effectively.  Our solutions protect your product naturally while maintaining its freshness and taste for a longer period of time.

Consumers are label readers and they’re more aware than ever of ingredients contained in products and seeking cleaner labels.  They like to see claims of ‘naturalness’ on their food and beverages, even though the term, ‘all natural’ has no standard industry meaning.  As a result more specific, non-additive label claims, such as ‘no preservatives’, as well as ‘free-from’ claims are growing and serve to support the consumer desire for naturalness.  Many brands are embracing ‘simplicity’ in their ingredient choices, using this as a method to convey naturalness to consumers and differentiate products in the market.

Our label-friendly solutions

POWERSoft® and POWERFresh® bakery enzymes are specially designed to keep baked goods fresher and softer longer, with a significantly stronger, more resilient crumb than any other enzymes on the market.  Nutrition & Biosciences scientists developed these advanced enzyme solutions, tailored specifically for use in baked goods.  POWERSoft® will give your sweet goods a moist, velvety texture and excellent crumb resilience while maintaining these characteristics throughout an extended shelf life. POWERFresh® means high quality products with a longer shelf life creating the kind of eating experience consumers will want again and again.

Natamax® B and Natamax® B Plus are other natural mold-free shelf life solutions from Nutrition & Biosciences. These topically-applied, natural antimicrobials, give manufacturers a natural solution that inhibits mold growth in bakery products like pan bread, English muffins and tortillas, while meeting the consumer desire for cleaner labeling.

Natamycin, the active compound in Natamax® B and B Plus is a natural inhibitor produced by bacterial fermentation that destroys yeast and mold. It has been safely used commercially on the surface of foods, such as cheese, shredded cheese and in beverages since the 1970s. Natamax® B/B Plus provides longer shelf life and better flavor for baked goods. With all that these multifunctional ingredients have to offer, it’s no surprise they are some of the most effective natural mold inhibitors in the market.

Used separately or in combination, Natamax® B/B Plus and our specialty enzymes provide longer, fresher and better flavor for your baked goods.  With all that these multifunctional ingredients have to offer, it’s no surprise they are some of the most effective natural ingredients in the market.

Regulatory status

Natamax® B and Natamax® B Plus are permitted for use in the United States and Mexico. Legal and regulatory information on specific regions and product applications is available upon request.

Optimize protection of baked goods

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