Industrial Bread


  • Fresh-keeping bread made for the choosy

Freshness may be the top consumer priority, but not just any fresh-keeping recipe will do.

  • When great baking is being able to let go

Durable non-stick coatings may answer your need for a smoother bakery process.
Video_Get_ the_artisan_ touch.jpg

  • Video: Get the artisan touch

Frank Schuhmann explains how to give industrial bread a more artisanal look and feel without changing your process.

  • Pre-packed bread leads in Europe

Industry drives Europe’s bread market – with big variations in East and West.

  • Proofing stability against the clock

Line breakdowns can spell disaster for a sensitive wheat-mix dough. Here’s how to extend your time window for repairs.

  • Taking the sticky out of the dough

Explaining cellulase – the champion of easy dough handling and a soft bread crumb.

  • Taking artisan qualities into the mainstream

Across Continental Europe, the majority of consumers (eight in 10) agree that bread baked in bakeries tastes better than packaged bread. Even in the UK, where the vast majority of bread is industrially-made, six in 10 consumers agree with this statement.
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