Easy on the budget

A new low-cost alternative for bake-stable fruit fillings.

Even when producing a luxury product like a fruit-filled croissant for the bake-off segment, you need to think about cost. And the fact is that, when you go looking for a stabiliser to give fruit fillings the right level of bake stability, most of the solutions available are at the high end of the price scale.

In our application lab, we’ve been working to find a low-cost alternative that is just as capable of keeping fruit fillings locked inside the croissant during baking, avoiding unattractive leakages onto the outer pastry.

Our results so far point to a stabiliser system based on cellulose gum as a possibility with high potential.

After baking, we can see that the gel created by this system is firm and stable. The system is unaffected by freeze-thaw action and can be used for fillings with or without fruit for optimum formulation flexibility. In fruitless fillings, the system performs well at an even lower dose – giving a further saving on cost.

How do you use it? Simply blend the cellulose gum and starch with sugar, dissolve in cold water, and follow the standard procedure for bakery fillings. The final product is easy to pump on bakery processing lines.

For our trials, we used GRINDSTED® FB BAK 750 from the DuPont™ Danisco® range.

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