Go with the chocolate flow

What does it take to make a better chocolate filling? Our lab work produces a new concept.

We often get inquiries from customers who are interested in finding a better way of adding a chocolate filling to croissants and other pastries prior to baking.

Right now, these fillings are typically available as solid chocolate sticks, which are placed in the dough either by machine or by hand. A common quality issue is the chocolate seepage from each end of a croissant during the baking process. Once exposed, the chocolate often gains a burnt off-flavour as a result.

We went in search of a solution in our lab.

Apart from developing a solution that was bake stable, another wish we had was to make it pumpable for ease of use on processing lines.

Mixing chocolate with water
After numerous tests, we came up with a new chocolate filling concept made with just 20% chocolate, mixed with water, syrup and an alginate-pectin stabiliser blend.

For us, it was a major breakthrough to find a way to mix chocolate with water and still obtain a final product that is shiny and stable.

Put to the test
Our bakery trials show the filling stays inside the pastry during baking. And, in trials with tarts, where the filling is completely exposed, we have found no evidence of a burnt off-flavour. In fact, compared to chocolate sticks, the taste experience is richer and smoother.

On the processing line, the highly viscous consistency enables injection into pastries just like a fruit filling, with no need of extra equipment at any stage.

We think our concept could be a kick-start to new market opportunities. Because it contains just 20% chocolate, we are pretty sure there are some good cost savings to be made, too!

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