The Sustainability Issue


  • Countdown to sustainable palm oil

As food manufacturers and retailers commit to sustainable palm oil by 2015, the race is on to secure supplies. The question is: why are we worried in the first place?

  • Backing up sustainable profits

Social and environmental responsibility in today's most lucrative trend.

  • Time to get tough on waste

Bread waste has reached phenomenal proportions compared to other food products. How can we turn the problem around?

  • Video: Put environmental impact to the test

Mikkel Thrane gives a crash course in how to conduct a life cycle assessment of your bread.

  • Video: Dealing with the hotspots

Ian Fairs explains the sustainability hotspots in the bakery process and how to handle them.

  • Fresh bread to the very last crumb

Anti-staling developments extend bread shelf life and encourage less waste.

  • Tread lighter with whole grain

Can whole grain bread lower your carbon footprint and raise your profits? We put three recipes to the test.

  • Five places to look for sustainable cost savings

Read our five focus points to look for sustainable cost savings.
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