Backing up sustainable profits

Social and environmental responsibility in today's most lucrative trend.

Sustainability is not just about behaving in a responsible manner to improve your image. Off all the global food trends, it is the one with the biggest potential to increase your bakery profits.

According to Mintel, consumer awareness of social and environmental issues is on the rise. And bakers who make a visible sustainable effort are likely to be rewarded with enhanced brand loyalty, bringing more sales. That's on top of the cost savings that come with a sustainable approach to production.

Perceptions of high quality
Today, in many consumer minds, sustainability is linked with high quality. A growing number are even willing to pay more for products manufactured with respect for the planet and the people on it.

Among the trends we are responding to at Nutrition & Biosciences at the moment is the growing market demand for sustainable palm oil, where palm oil users commit to paying a higher price than for conventional palm oil.

Achieving a lower carbon footprint through the use of wholegrain flour in bread is also a higher cost option than white flour.

Less impact, less expense
But, as many food manufacturers have already discovered, sustainability can often pay for itself without putting a premium price tag on products. Indeed, there are many ways to turn socially responsible behavior into good bakery business. We have listed some of them in our five places to look for sustainable savings overview.

From the cultivation of wheat through production, distribution and out to the consumer, there are opportunities for cost-saving sustainability initiatives at almost every turn. Bread shelf life extension, local sourcing of flour and optimized transport and distribution, for example, secure bread production with a lower environmental impact - at considerably less expense.

One of our tasks at Nutrition & Biosciences is to help you make the most of the sustainable option available. That's where we draw on our bakery expertise to develop appropriate ingredient solutions for each task. this edition of Bakery Performance is dedicated to sharing out latest insights.

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