Market Trends

Building Better Bars

In its beginning, the nutrition bar market was a response to consumer desire for more convenient, portable nutrition. But times have changed. Today’s consumer lifestyles and growing health interests are re-shaping the nutrition bar market. Seeking healthier but still indulgent solutions, consumers show preferences for high protein content, lower sugar levels, higher amount of fibers, among other attributes, and both mainstream and smaller brands are competing in this space.

Breakfast Cereal 

While breakfast retains its status as the most important meal of the day and cereal remains a significant presence, lifestyle changes are redefining how and where we eat. The morning meal is morphing into a series of snacks where consumers are looking for portable, on-the-go foods. Once the epitome of convenience, breakfast cereal is now facing competition from a raft of other, more convenient breakfast choices.

Today’s market offers both challenges and opportunities for cereal marketers. To remain relevant, innovation will be critical. Winning concepts will capitalize on the health and wellness needs of consumers, and capture new consumption occasions beyond breakfast. Nutrition & Biosciences can deliver these concepts and help you win in this space.

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