Your Challenges - Our Expertise

A Full Menu of Expertise for Bite-Size Snacks

Everything is ‘on-the-go’ these days and regions around the world are embracing the snack revolution. With more consumers focused on their health and the impact of food on the planet and its people, it can often be difficult to fit all your objectives into a convenient solution. If you are struggling to identify your next innovation, trying to improve the performance of current products or needing to manage formula costs for margin improvement, we can help. At Nutrition & Biosciences, we know It’s What’s Inside that matters.

Our unique and diverse DuPont™ Danisco® ingredient portfolio delivers health and sustainability benefits, helps optimize sensory and quality performance and provides cost-savings potential. We back those solutions with expertise in formulation and processing, robust clinical science, consumer insights and sensory know-how, to help you succeed in the marketplace.

What We Bring

While many claim to help you deliver, we offer a full suite of expertise in a convenient package. We strive to understand your unique challenges, and then bring ideas and solutions tailored to address them.

Market Insights

With intimate knowledge of market and consumer trends, we offer insights that help marketers grow their brands. By monitoring global trends, consumer attitudes and behavior, we inspire brand innovation and help define new product and positioning opportunities for our customers.

Broad Portfolio of Healthy Ingredients and Protective Solutions

Our DuPont™ Danisco® range of ingredients can help you enhance the health appeal of your brands, delivering wellness focused solutions in the areas of:

  • Satiety & weight management

  • Sports and physical performance

  • Muscle health

  • Active & healthy aging

  • Immune health

  • Digestive health

  • Child Nutrition

Our plant-based protein solutions, available in textured crisps and powder formats, provide protein fortification, excellent taste and texture and proven health benefits in a wide variety of nutrition bar, snack and breakfast cereal applications.

Our range of functional solutions for sugar reduction brings more than just calorie reduction consumers look for in nutritional bars. With proven scientific evidence in improving satiety effect, controlling energy release or improving bowel function, our solutions improve the nutritional profile of the nutritional bars, while enhancing taste and texture.

With our leading range of clinically documented probiotic strains and world-class food and beverage application development, Nutrition & Biosciences can provide successful consumer-driven food and beverage products with added health benefits. 

Plus, our range of naturally sourced fermentates and antioxidants focus on maintaining and extending shelf life by preventing mold spoilage and oxidation.

Product Differentiation

We invest in robust clinical data to support our portfolio and prove its nutritional benefits. Our nutrition science experts are here to assist you in interpreting and applying that science to create highly differentiated and substantiated product claims that drive brand growth.

Formulation Expertise and Sensory Science

With an understanding of your sensory, nutritional and consumer targets, we bring ingredients and expertise that help you meet your goals. Whether you need us to develop your formulas from start to finish, guide your product development teams on ingredient selection, or recommend a co-packing partner, our technical experts are there to assist.

Our in-house sensory science team works with bar manufacturers to provide critical direction on formulation optimization. Leveraging sensory insights gathered from descriptive and consumer panels, we can help define sensory targets, apply our portfolio to reach those targets, and then confirm your final product meets consumer expectations.

Process Knowledge

Our state-of-the-art product development labs allow us to easily troubleshoot formulas and fine-tune processing steps for you, helping ensure success in scale up. With a wide range of processing equipment, we can offer support on a wide range of bars and other snacks.

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