Sweet Substitutes

Given increasing scrutiny on sugar, the Confectionery industry finds itself in challenging times. Sugar reduction in the US Confectionery market is limited primarily to chewing gum; however, in Sugar Confectionery, some companies are using alternatives to unwanted sweeteners (sucrose and high fructose corn syrup) to sweeten their products.

Nutrition & Biosciences offers a line of sugar substitutes, including industry-leading XIVIA® Xylitol, a naturally occurring wood-based sweetener with all the taste and sweetness but only half the calories of sugar.

Health-Packed Options with Cleaner Labels

From a health and wellness perspective, some brands are launching better-for-you confection alternatives that include probiotics, protein and fiber to expand their reach and continue to appeal to existing customers who are becoming concerned about nutrition.

Manufacturers are also leveraging free-from and specialty diet-friendly claims to target gluten free, vegetarian, vegan audiences, advertising plant-based ingredients. While some of these products have always had these designations, moving the claim to front of the pack helps relevant consumer audiences make quicker choices.

From probiotics, to fiber to protein and functional plant-based ingredients, we can enable your brands to lead in these existing trends and position for future ones.

Continued Emphasis on Flavor and Indulgence

Flavor will always be important in the Confectionery space. Sweet and sour is still popular. As manufacturers try to expand their reach to the adult population, more exotic, ethnic, and global flavors could be incorporated into the offerings, particularly in the United States.

Permissive indulgence remains important as many consumers want to be able to enjoy a treat from time to time. Packaging/portion control can play a role here, as health minded consumers want to help in controlling their indulgence portions.

With our expertise in creating the right solutions for you, let Nutrition & Biosciences help you continue to navigate these trends.

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