Your Challenges - Our Expertise

Sweet Specialties to Solve for You

As consumer interest in healthier foods continues to surge, the objectives for confections have changed. Sweet treats need to deliver reduced sugar and fat content, yet still offer the perfect texture experience. In addition, confections need to stay shelf stable and offer you processing advantages to stay ahead of the curve. At Nutrition & Biosciences, we know It’s What’s Inside that matters. We recognize these challenges and can offer support for a variety of applications.

Nutrition & Biosciences has deep experience in the confectionery market, specifically for chewing gum and gum bases; chocolate and compounds; gummies, jellies/fruit snacks, licorice, and chews; hard candies; aerated confections; nougat; fillings; and caramels. Our ongoing innovation in ingredient technology has provided improvements in taste, texture, and processing efficiencies in both traditional and low/no/reduced sugar varieties, meeting consumer sensory expectations.

Working with you from concept to commercialization, we can help you identify growth opportunities for your confectionery brands and bring those ideas to market with our application expertise and support, accelerating your product development. We can help:

  • Choose the optimal ingredients for a specific formulation and process

  • Design formulations

  • Troubleshoot technical issues

  • Assess alternative processes and process parameters

What We Bring

We provide comprehensive support for your needs—using a broad portfolio that delivers differentiating health benefits, we make your application work, wherever you are.

Local Support, Global Knowledge

Within our application facilities in Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, the UK and USA, sophisticated pilot plants and analytical tools enable precise testing and evaluation of confectionery products and ingredients. Customers all over the world benefit from our technical support, which reflects local tastes and needs, global confectionery trends, processes and legislative issues.

Broad Portfolio of Healthy Ingredients

In confections, many of our products enable health claims for low sugar and fat content and our world-class food and beverage application development ensures we can provide successful confection products with added health benefits.

We offer our leading range of clinically documented HOWARU® probiotic strains and also our industry leading XIVIA® Xylitol, a naturally occurring wood-based sweetener with all the taste and sweetness but only half the calories of sugar. XIVIA® not only meets demand for reducing sugar but also has an impressive sustainability story. Plus, it’s been proven to provide dental health benefits, helping reduce the development of cavities.

We produce a comprehensive range of functional ingredients: emulsifiers, specialty sweeteners and hydrocolloids, including pectin and a range of gums specifically designed for the confectionery industry.

Our ingredients for this segment include:

  • XIVIA® Xylitol

  • HOWARU® probiotic strains











  • Lactitol

  • MicroGARD®


Formulation Expertise

Our dedicated technical teams can work with you to make sure you deliver the right experience across your confection portfolio. Chocolate is much different than a fruit filling. We understand those intricacies and can partner with you to deliver the right product that meets your needs.

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