Increase in Ready Made Options

With daily schedules getting even busier for consumers all over the world, ready meals continue to be in demand, driving growth across the category. There is also increased desired for chilled, rather than frozen, ready meals that exhibit excellent taste and quality, clean and simple ingredients and more adventurous flavors.

A large expansion is also forecast for the vegetarian/flexitarian sub-category of ready meals, as that consumer profile expands and more are looking to incorporate meat-free meals into their regular diets. In particular, vegetarian chicken nuggets from various growth brands are driving expansion in this area.

With Nutrition & Biosciences’ deep expertise in taste and texture and food protection, we develop unique solutions for ready meals. And our increased focus and agile execution for flexitarian options can help you succeed in this growing market.

Clean and Exotic

For soups and side dishes, the trend toward shorter and more recognizable ingredient labels will continue for products that also contain more nutritional and declarative claims for organic and Non-GMO ingredients. Yet, consumers still desire the rich taste and texture that excellent mouthfeel can deliver and will seek even more exotic tastes. Achieving these characteristics with simple labels will continue to be the hallmark opportunities for both re-imagined and new brands.

Last, to continue infusing interest in these products on the shelves, manufacturers will also explore refreshed packaging in cleaner and simpler designs as a tool to attract consumers.

At Nutrition & Biosciences, we can help you design the right clean label strategy without sacrificing the food experience you want to deliver. Let us help you tackle this trend.

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