Your Challenges - Our Expertise

Culinary Creativity

Generational demands of food and beverage products have evolved considerably in a relatively short timeframe, requiring producers to become highly agile, reactive and sensitive to these new tastes to be successful. Formulating with ingredients that consumers know, trust and consider natural coupled with an interest in new and exotic flavors are some of the challenges facing our customers.

Furthermore, these challenges must be met while also delivering on the shelf life commitments necessary to enable the convenience of many culinary products, such as ready-made meals, dressings, sauces and side dishes. While taste is still the most important element, consumers must also favor the ingredients that are enabling that effective flavor release.

Nutrition & Biosciences has always understood that It’s What’s Inside that matters and can support with deep expertise and DuPont™ Danisco® full range of ingredients to:

  • Stabilize emulsions and preventing separation

  • Enhance mouthfeel and texture, while managing product costs and margins

  • Maintain consistent dispersion

  • Prevent oxidation/rancidity and providing essential anti-microbial protection

What We Bring

Nutrition & Biosciences invests in market understanding, technical expertise, ingredient innovation, consumer testing, nutritional studies and many other tools to bring value to all the stages of your development process.

Consumer Insights and Sensory Testing

Our insights can help you understand the nuances of what consumers want from their food, answering questions to determine who is truly interested in a clean label dressing and what ingredients are used in products that appeal to these consumers.

Robust sensory and consumer testing can enable the best combination of sensorial, formulation and commercial attributes to minimize risk and maximize the chances of consumer delight.

Local Support, Global Knowledge

Our technology labs located in Denmark and the USA are equipped to simulate virtually all the processes involved in manufacturing culinary products. We also have a facility in Australia to formulate per the needs of much of the Asia Pacific region.

Technical and Protective Solutions

Our broad DuPont™ Danisco® full range of ingredients at Nutrition & Biosciences is continually analyzed to determine market relevance, so that we can deliver innovation to meet ever evolving consumer needs. That portfolio includes:

  • Clean label pectin that provide excellent mouthfeel, texture and emulsion stability

  • Hydrocolloid systems that enable the hot processing of a sauce

  • Antioxidants that delay lipid oxidation and thereby extend shelf life

  • Naturally-derived antimicrobials that effectively inhibit the growth of a wide range of gram-positive bacteria, thereby extending shelf life and meeting consumers' demand

  • Stabilizer systems that increase viscosity and stability and can deliver high water absorption capacity and prevent syneresis

Formulation Expertise

Our dedicated technical teams deliver formulation expertise to develop new or enhance existing brands. Whether it’s developing a new offering based on your core brand attributes, formulating a soup to provide higher levels of protein or extending shelf life, we can tailor our solutions to meet your needs.

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