Dairy’s Discerning Consumers

As the perceived health halo around dairy continues to be widely recognised, consumers are also becoming increasingly discerning, expecting dairy products to provide a multitude of benefits in health, indulgence, convenience, and affordability around the world.

Our vast range of ingredients, including cultures, coagulants, probiotics, texturants, stabilisers, customized blends & systems, plant-based proteins and enzymes provide solutions that adhere to these trends across all dairy products.

The Healthy Trend in Dairy

Given increasing concerns about obesity in both adults and children, low-fat and low-sugar options, with the same decadent taste and texture, are still crucial in the diary category. Yet no one is willing to give up a great taste and texture. Another common health concern is the high prevalence of lactose intolerance in several regions, up to 90% in some areas in Africa and Asia, which lends to the need for lactose-free solutions across all dairy categories as well as digestive health offerings such as probiotics and soluble fibres. Finally, high protein products continue to gain interest with consumers who are looking for benefits in weight management, muscle maintenance or simply better nutrition.

A Trend Toward Plant-Based Alternative

The desire for plant-based alternatives has recently gained significant ground all over the world and is permeating the dairy category. More and more consumers are desiring flexibility within their diets and choosing to include more foods they deem are healthier and kinder to the planet. In 2021, plant-based alternative segments are expected to reach 20% of the value of the cow’s milk market, and of the six milk products consumers buy, one of them is going to be a dairy-free variant (Euromonitor International, 2018).

Nutrition & Biosciences has developed a range specifically designed for plant-based solutions, ensuring an optimal taste and texture consumers desire.  

Snack-Size Indulgence

Along with health awareness, consumers are looking for more guilt-free indulgence, especially when snacking. With their intrinsic health halo, dairy products are a perfect vehicle for this demand, providing options from yogurt desserts to convenient cheese sticks.

Dairy Going Global

Finally, the dairy industry is undergoing a transformation in terms of global trade, today more than ever.  Consumers in countries with less domestic production are demanding access to a full range of dairy products, so producers need the best ways to export solutions in a fast, consistent and affordable manner. In industrial cheese, such as pasta filata and semi-hard cheese, reliable and robust cultures are a must. Ambient fermented yogurt is also gaining traction in countries with limited cold chains, a dairy segment in which Nutrition & Biosciences offers world-class expertise with our stabilisers and cultures.

No matter how big the challenge, Nutrition & Biosciences has a complete portfolio and a solver mindset to develop all types of dairy products with the profiles consumers around the globe demand.

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