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  • YO-MIX PRIME® Yogurt

YO-MIX PRIME® yogurt cultures help you create your dream yogurt with ultimate mildness and premium texture.

  • The rise of Greek style yogurt

Greek style yogurt has quickly become a consumer favorite because of its thick, creamy texture, high protein and low fat content. Here are the answers to some of the questions on everyone's mind.

  • Insights for Dairy Newsletter

Welcome to the Insights for Dairy Newsletters. The purpose of these newsletters is to share information within the dairy industry about stabilizers, cultures, antimicrobials, probiotics, fiber addition, processing, and specific ingredients used in cultured product and cheese applications.

  • Clean Label Dairy

Discover how to delight your dairy consumers.

Your Challenges - Our Expertise

Delivering Dairy Delights

Like all food applications, dairy manufacturers must constantly balance the consumer-driven need for healthy and delicious foods with the reality of improving the cost profile of your business. At Nutrition & Biosciences, we know It’s What’s Inside that Matters to make that balance easier. Our extensive dairy toolbox is based on decades of experience in producing ingredients for the dairy industry and can help:

  • Optimize new product development

  • Choose the optimal ingredients for a specific formulation and process

  • Design and optimize formulations

  • Assess alternative processes and process parameters

  • Troubleshoot

What We Bring

We partner with customers to bring inspiring dairy concepts and provide counsel in key areas, such as texture and flavor development, acidification and food protection. And we also rely on local support, a broad portfolio and the utmost technical support to help you succeed.

Local Support, Global Knowledge

We have dairy application centers in Australia, China, Denmark, USA, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, South Africa and the UK, where we monitor global and local trends. All our centers are equipped with advanced pilot facilities and analytical equipment.

Continuous Innovation

With decades of industry experience and a global network of application centers and pilot plants, our dairy experts work closely with you to optimize formulations and processes for inspiring new products. Globally, we collaborate with leading food companies on thousands of new dairy projects.

Functional and Protective Solutions

Our extensive portfolio includes:

  • Enzymes for coagulation or enhancing cheese flavor and freshness
  • Fiber with prebiotic properties
  • Premium probiotics for nutritional health benefits
  • Integrated systems offering technical advantages over simple blends
  • Hydrocolloids as thickening, gelling and stabilizing agent
  • Emulsifiers for securing the right mouthfeel, product appearance and extending shelf life
  • Human milk oligosaccharides have multiple documented health benefits relevant in several dairy applications for child and maternal nutrition; they can also help narrow the compositional gap between breast milk and formula 
  • Using naturally sourced fermentates and protective cultures, we can help optimize your food protection strategy. Our solutions maintain freshness and extend shelf-life though the reduction of spoilage while maintaining taste and texture.
  • Solutions for both ambient and chilled yogurt and fermented dairy drinks.

Formulation Expertise

Our highly skilled dairy application team has an in-depth knowledge of our ingredients, their functional properties and their application in industrial processes – knowledge that benefits our customers around the world. Working right by your side, our decades of experience allows us to tailor the right solution for you in the diverse dairy category.

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