A Healthy Indulgence

New flavors and brands of ice cream appear on the market every year, but a new variety is emerging—one that provides healthful indulgence and guilt-free enjoyment.

About 20% of frozen dessert products sold in one year were not on the market the year before, proving a quick product development cycle (Innova Marketing Insights, 2018). Product launches are also keeping a steady pace of 7.1% growth year over year the last five years. Many of these product launches have focused on high-protein, low-calorie and low-sugar products to take advantage of this guilt-free indulgence trend.

Non-dairy, plant-based and lactose-free concepts are also on the rise. According to Innova Market Insights, choices for vegan and dairy-free lifestyles will gain prevalence in the coming years.

Artisan style products are also joining the spotlight, spurred by consumers that prefer homemade treats who enjoy a gourmet approach readily delivered in grocery stores.

Still, the day-to-day challenges such as developing novelties that provide a rich eating experience in terms of texture and flavor, speed to market and cost reduction remain issues for this segment. Luckily, Nutrition & Biosciences can help.

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