Your Challenges - Our Expertise

Frozen Delights Made Right

Based on our deep experience in the field, we offer an extensive toolbox for the ice cream and frozen dessert industry. Supporting our customers’ product development requires us to develop inspirational marketing and technical concepts and provide intensive customer training in all aspects of ice cream and frozen dessert applications. Close customer cooperation is the key in all the technical support we provide, which includes:

  • Innovating new products from idea generation to market launch

  • Choose the optimal ingredients for a specific formulation and process

  • Design formulations

  • Assess alternative processes and process parameters

  • Troubleshoot technical issues

What We Bring

Local support, Global knowledge

We have application centers in Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, Mexico, Singapore and USA. This enables us to monitor global and local trends – information we use when cooperating with our customers. All our application sites have state-of-the-art facilities, including the pilot machinery and analytical equipment necessary to meet all. Our staff are highly skilled and possess in-depth knowledge of our ingredients, their functional properties and how they are applied in industrial processes.

Delivering Health Benefits

With our leading range of clinically documented probiotic strains and world-class food and beverage application development, Nutrition & Biosciences can provide successful consumer-driven food and beverage products with added health benefits. Our capabilities to develop healthy frozen desserts include:

  • Systems for low/no sugar frozen desserts

  • Systems for low/no fat frozen desserts

  • Systems for low calories frozen desserts

  • Plant-based protein for dairy free ice cream

  • Plant-based protein for high protein ice cream

  • Enzymes for low/no lactose ice cream

  • Fibers for high fiber claims

  • Probiotics

Formulation Expertise

With deep application and nutrition experience, we know how to make your goals a reality in frozen desserts.

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