Meeting the Sweet Trends

Increased consumer demand for healthier foods is a leading driver in the fruit processing industry, where the market is continually moving toward reduced sugar products and more natural fruit based products, that are sweetened with fruit juice concentrates, alternative sweeteners, or are based on organic ingredients. Given this increased focus on the natural derivatives, the market is also in demand for clean label solutions.

Manufacturers of jams, jellies and industrial fruit applications, such as bakery fillings, yoghurt fruit preparations and fruit sauces, may face numerous challenges in meeting these trends, such as formulating products with the right texture, stability and flavor release, ensuring variations in the composition of the fruit won’t compromise the food product, and optimizing production capacity abilities while still achieving high quality standards.

Nutrition & Biosciences’ broad portfolio for the fruit processing industry includes a complete range of pectin types as well as a wide selection of other stabilizers that enable you to create the preferred texture, great flavor release and high stability in your fruit application. No matter the fruit application—high or low-sugar jams, bakery fillings, yoghurt fruit preparations or fruit sauces—we have the ideal solution for you.  

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