Your Challenges - Our Expertise

Our Fruitful Solutions for Fruit Applications

Industrial applications such as bakery fillings, yogurt fruit preparations and fruit sauces face many day-to-day processing challenges to formulate with the right texture, stability and good flavor release, while maintaining productivity with proper flow control and proper pumping properties.

Nutrition & Biosciences can help you create the preferred texture, great flavor release and high stability in your fruit application, whether those include high- or low-sugar jams, bakery fillings, yogurt fruit preparations or fruit sauces. Choosing the correct ingredients can provide greater flow control and improved pumping properties to increase processing efficiency. We also help:

  • Choose the optimal ingredients for a specific formulation or process

  • Design formulations

  • Assess alternative processes and process parameters

  • Troubleshoot various issues

What We Bring

With local presence, a broad portfolio and the expertise to deliver, we can help you succeed.

Local support, Global knowledge

Our fruit application facilities in Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark and USA are well equipped to provide customers with strong technical support. This reflects local tastes and needs as well as global developments within fruit-based products, processes and legislation.

Broad Portfolio to Deliver on Trends

We apply our broad stabilizer range and detailed knowledge of fruit processing to ensure fruit products have the texture our customers prefer. Drawing on our understanding of ingredient interactions, we also see to it that fruit products maintain their consistent high-quality right through storage.

Nutrition & Biosciences has helped customers rise to the clean label challenge by creating fruit spreads featuring natural sweeteners (honey, maple, agave), natural fruit and nut based flavors, organic ingredients, functional health claims (high in protein and fiber, antioxidants, lactose free) and transparent labels.

Formulation Expertise

With deep application experience, we can customize options for meet your product needs.

Creating the preferred texture, great flavor release, high stability and proper flow of fruit application are common daily challenges that Nutrition & Biosciences has been supporting customers to address for many years. The market is now clearly moving to remove sugar from inherently sweet fruit applications, which poses some unique challenges that Nutrition & Biosciences can solve.

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