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Making Plants Palatable

Consumers continually look for options when eating, and foods that come from the plants are becoming more and more appealing. European and American consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the sustainability and health aspects involved with meat consumption, in particular. Today, 60 % of Europeans and 40 % of Americans have meat-free meals on a weekly basis.

But these meat-free meals must look good, taste good and deliver the right texture and experience for consumers to continue grabbing them off the shelves. There are also inherent challenges in creating meat alternative products—keeping them stable, intact and structured throughout production, distribution (either frozen, chilled, or shelf-stable) and when they arrive on the table.

To take advantage of this burgeoning trend, we know It’s What’s Inside that matters and offer a deep commitment to this space and our robust DuPont™ Danisco® full range of ingredients.

What We Bring

Using one of the broadest portfolios and our passion for problem-solving, we can help make your plant-based meat alternative journey painless and promising.

An Agile, Global Center of Excellence for Continuous Innovation

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences has established a Global Center of Excellence based in St. Louis, USA, to facilitate large-scale innovation efforts for the meat alternative category. A cross functional team of technology, applications, sales and marketing employees collaborate on cutting-edge products for our customers, that draw from the breadth of our extensive portfolio.

This market is one of our top priorities for innovation continually improving product performance. We can bring new ideas and comprehensive solutions that will help quickly grow your brands and deliver all that consumers want in this space.

DuPont™ Danisco® Range of Solutions

Soy protein is the only widely available plant protein that supplies all the essential amino acids, in the proper ratios, making it a complete high-quality protein comparable in quality to milk, meat and eggs. Plus, unlike animal-based proteins, it contains no cholesterol, saturated fat or lactose.

At DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences, we offer a wide range of soy protein options that mimic the eating experience of animal protein—for chicken, beef, pork or seafood in a patty, whole muscle, chunk, shred or crumble format.

  • RESPONSE® Textured Soy Protein Concentrates (minimum 65% protein) simulate ground products when hydrated. Available in a wide range of sizes and colors, RESPONSE® products provide an open texture and clean flavor. Available for formed products (meatballs, patties or nuggets), and ground meat-like particulates in ready meals, soups or sauces.

  • SUPRO® MAX Structured Vegetable Proteins are combinations of soy proteins and other ingredients that when hydrated, deliver a neutral flavor and unique meat-like fibrosity and texture. Extremely flexible, SUPRO® MAX Proteins allow manufacturers to produce delicious meat-free alternatives, resembling whole muscle textures, including meat, poultry or seafood-type chunks, strips and shreds. They can also contribute a fibrous texture to patties and sausage-type products.

  • SUPRO® Isolated Soy Proteins are powdered products, typically 90 percent protein (dry basis). They deliver high-quality protein, help to bind ingredients, provide gelling properties, emulsify fat, retain moisture and succulence, and improve the overall eating experience.

  • ALPHA® Functional Soy Protein Concentrates are powdered products, typically 70 percent protein (dry basis). They provide superior water- and fat-binding and forming properties in meat alternatives, compared to competitive soy protein concentrates.

All our products meet requirements for vegan and vegetarian positioned products. We offer many options in standard and Identity-Preserved Non-Genetically Modified (IP Non-GM) variants.

Our line of hydrocolloids & functional systems provides binding properties and addresses structure challenges when manufacturing and transporting meat alternatives.

  • METHOCEL™ Bind, WELLENCE™ Smart Fry, WELLENCE™ VegE Form and GRINDSTED® Meatbinder improve forming, mouthfeel, flavor perception and juicy and also acts as a fat mimetic.

  • GRINDSTED® Meatline CFF Blends improves mouthfeel, flavor perception and juiciness, while also improving the cling and freeze/thaw stability of sauces.

And our antioxidant and antimicrobial lines provide food protection properties.

  • Our GUARDIAN® & GRINDOX® Antioxidants protect flavor and improve oxidative stability during refrigerated storage.

  • MicroGARD®, NovaGARD®, and Nisaplin® Antimicrobials protect flavor, improve savory notes and control outgrowth of spoilage microorganisms during refrigerated storage

Sustainable Support

Given that sustainability decisions are important in the meat-free category, we value the story we can tell as it relates to sourcing and environmental impact. DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences has been a member of RTRS – The Round Table on Responsible Soy since 2008. We are currently working with NEPCon to further ensure that we source all our soy sustainably from South America.

Replacing just 1 kg of animal-based protein with our isolated soy protein (ISP) can reduce CO2e by 14 to 176 kg. The land use footprint for our ISP is the smallest, measured at 7 square meters per year (7 m2/y) to yield 1 kg protein - compared to 19 m2y for whey and up to 1,311 m2y for beef protein.

Recently, we helped create a vegetable minced beef that had identical taste and texture to the meat version and had a 5-10 times lower carbon footprint (Savings of 13 kg CO2e per package of 400 gr).

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