Your Challenges - Our Expertise

Meaty Choices for Your Needs

While the meat industry has experienced quite a bit of change, the need to meet consumer demands and deliver a quality product while keeping your costs under control has remained the same. At Nutrition & Biosciences, we know It’s What’s Inside that matters and continually respond to the need for flexibility. According to your specifications, we can improve yield, enhance texture and flavor development, reduce syneresis and extend the safe shelf life of your meat products.

We can also help address the growing consumer demand for healthier food products with our fat and sodium replacement, phosphate-free and oil reduction solutions for healthy yet tasty meat products. Given an increased customer interest in naturally-sourced antioxidants and preservatives, we can again satisfy demand with our portfolio.

What We Bring

Nutrition & Biosciences has meaty expertise in this space.

Continuous Innovation

Our broad product portfolio, deep application knowledge and razor-sharp analyses combine with a global network of research centers and pilot plants to help you develop products faster while keeping costs in check.

Sustainable and protective solutions

Sustainability is at the core of our priorities at Nutrition & Biosciences and that footprint extends into our meat portfolio. Our plant-based proteins, derived from soy, provide the quality, texture, nutrition and sensory experience that consumers desire.

Our plant-based stabilizers, carrageenans and tailored blends excel at stabilizing fat and water, improving the structure of meat and allowing it to retain its shape during processing and throughout its journey to the consumer.

Our naturally derived protective ingredients including fermentatesantimicrobials and flavor extracts and antioxidants will maintain freshness, extend shelf life, and protect against listeria. Protective cultures will inhibit yeast, mold and listeria in fermented meat products. 

Formulation Expertise

Work with our experienced teams to achieve the right profile for your product. We excel in a various of formats and can deliver the right choice for you. 

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