Oils & Fats

The Natural Next Step. It's What's Inside.


Dating back nearly a century, our history in oils & fats applications is the backbone of our innovations to support modern demands when it comes to both table and culinary spreads and industrial shortenings. Our DuPont™ Danisco® full range of ingredients helps us continue to lead the way.


How We Can Help

Solver Mindset

DuPont has focused on the needs of the oils & fats industry since the 1930s, when the first emulsifier margarine was developed. This focus has led to extensive industry knowledge, allowing development of solutions for trans-fat free margarine, low-fat spreads, low-saturated spreads and shortenings, liquid oil systems, fillings for bakery & snack products and crystallization control for industrial shortenings in multiple applications. Plus, our stabilizers can help reduce the oil uptake in fried foods like potato products and coated foods (poultry, fish, meat).

Your Challenges - Our Expertise

Like many other markets, consumers of margarine and savory spreads are demanding novelty products made from unique oils, with new flavors and textures. The number of fat spreads with avocado, olive, coconut, pumpkin seed oils, shea butter etc are rising. The changing world of consumer awareness now demands ambient stable, low or no trans fats, low saturated fats and even dairy or lactose free margarines and spreads for both retail and industrial applications. Ethical claims also show year-over-year growth on sustainability aspects of the entire value chain. Helping you stay ahead of the latest trends is the focus of our innovation.

Market Trends

When making healthy and “clean” meals at home, today’s consumers aren’t cooking with unhealthy oils and fats. A trend toward healthier, more natural foods has gone global and it’s changing the oils and fats category as much as it is other food markets.

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