The Natural Next Step

“Healthy” and “natural” are words spoken more commonly in the fats and oils market than ever before. But both terms are interpreted differently by consumers. So, what does that mean for food manufacturers?

The changing world of consumer awareness means ambient stable, low or no trans fats, low saturated fats and even dairy or lactose-free margarines and spreads for both retail and industrial applications are a reality. Carefully designing a margarine or spread with proper nutritional values and organoleptic attributes is the right choice for healthy food.

There also other areas shaping the market. Ethical claims, for example, show year-over-year growth on sustainability aspects of the entire value chain. And, the growth of industrialization and urbanization in developing areas are driving the rise in food service channels offering convenient, affordable and ready-to-eat meals. This has widened the scope of application for margarines and shortenings. 

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