Your Challenges - Our Expertise

Looking at What’s Next

Drawing from our deep history, our market insights on burgeoning trends, and our broad knowledge and expertise collaborating with customers on development projects, we can help you continue to succeed in this interesting space. Our extensive technical support toolbox and DuPont™ Danisco® full range of ingredients helps you:

  • Identify and analyze raw materials

  • Develop formulations, including the design of a fat blend and healthier products

  • Replace trans fatty acids with trans-free solutions without compromising the final product

  • Formulate zero-trans fat and low saturated fat spreads and shortenings

  • Reduce fat via the optimal choice of emulsifiers or hydrocolloids

  • Control fat crystallization

  • Improve the application properties of margarine and shortenings

  • Optimize processing

  • Extend product shelf life

What We Bring

With a local touch, a broad portfolio and formulation expertise, we continuously bring innovations to make your business even more competitive and successful.

Local support, Global knowledge

Our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities in Brazil, Denmark and USA enable us to provide the same excellent standard of service to customers around the globe, always with the same guarantee of total confidentiality. Our Oils & Fats Application Specialists are located on every continent. We offer joint research and development, technical visits, training courses, concepts and seminars, troubleshooting and factory trials support. In addition, we assist with multi-industry applications, such as cakes, biscuits, puff pastry, fat-based fillings, chocolate and bread improvers.

Broad Portfolio of Functional and Protective Solutions

Nutrition & Biosciences’ DuPont™ Danisco® full range of ingredients for Oils & Fats includes emulsifiers, lecithin, hydrocolloids and a full line of antioxidants in easy to use solutions and natural flavor extracts are available to maintain flavor and quality.

A new innovation to the Nutrition & Biosciences portfolio, WELLENCE™ Smart Fry stabilizer, helps food manufacturers reduce the oil uptake in fried foods like potato products and coated foods (poultry, fish, meat).

Formulation Expertise

Our proactive development work continues to stretch the technological boundaries in this area, for instance on crystallization control. We continue to work with you to see what’s possible.

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