Human-Like Health Claims

In Europe, there’s a saying that if you want the best care, you should be a pet. This notion is becoming even more true today. Sales of pet food are increasing year-on-year, as pet owners are spending more on their furry family members. According to Innova Market Insights, new product launches in pet food had a 20.4% CAGR from 2012-2017, and the pet food industry is worth over $65billion today, growing at over 4%.

Given pets are often an equal part of the family, consumers desire to make the same choices for pet food as they do for themselves– food with natural, ethically sourced ingredients that boast highly nutritional and free-from claims. As pet food owners become more aware of proper nutrition and seek to provide the best diet for their pets, companies are increasingly making health claims for new products. Innova states that the biggest growth in positioning/claims in pet food from 2012-2017 were Lactose free, Ethical and High/Source of Protein. In developing countries, pet food products also continue to focus on functionality and health.

These realities have spurred a revolution in the mainstream wet and dry pet food market, delivering more options in the premium and now super premium categories, which include refrigerated units solely dedicated to fresh meat products for pets in North American super markets.

Pet snacks are also increasing in variety for owners seeking novel treats to spoil their beloved pets. Traditional biscuits that once dominated the category are seeing competition from newer, differentiated snacks with unique flavors and ingredients.

With our deep nutrition experience and passion to solve, Nutrition & Biosciences is your perfect pet food partner.

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