Your Challenges - Our Expertise

We’re Pet Parents Too

Pet food producers face many challenges in remaining relevant to pet owners in terms of nutritional content,specific ingredients that deliver functionality and, of course, always ensuring appetizing and attractive products. 

At Nutrition & Biosciences, we apply our in-depth nutrition knowledge and the DuPont™  Danisco® full range of ingredients to deliver solutions that help solve these challenges.

We draw from our expertise in antioxidantsantimicrobials, emulsifiersenzymesproteins and sweeteners to help optimize texture, flavor and nutrition, enable new protein sources and lactose-free products, while also improving cost and processing efficiency.

We can maintain shelf life freshness with our naturally sourced and AAFCO-approved ingredients that provide protection from oxidation and microbial spoilage in both pet treats and pet foods. 

Nutrition & Biosciences is full of pet parents too, so let us help deliver the perfect food and treats.

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